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Business Consulting
Business Consulting

We offer business consulting and related services to foreign companies investing in China to foreigners and to citizens from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan in their application processes.

Available Services

Prior to your investment Introducing the investment environment
Providing initial market research
Offering a full range of investment formalities services including giving advices relating to laws, regulations and policies
Preparing and submitting feasibility study report, contracts and articles of association

During establishment Establishment of foreign-invested enterprises
Establishment of foreign representative offices in Shanghai
Establishment of branches in Shanghai by companies from overseas, other provinces and cities of China

After establishment Formalities including change, renewal, cancellation
Inspection procedures related to industry and commerce, taxation, customs, foreign exchange registration, code application, registration and annual inspection
Trademark application services
Working permit,residence permit, invitation letter and working visa for foreign nationals (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan staff)
Tax advisory services

Core competiveness

Rich government resources We are in close contact with government agencies. Building on that relationship, we’ve established a dedicated platform for employers to communicate with the government and keep customers informed of the latest developments of related policies.

High-quality customers We build strategic partnerships with customers and share with strategic partners DHR’s technological platform, sales channels, a quality and large pool of MNCs and executives resources to help them grow in the Chinese market.

One-stop Service Team Our professional and steady staff will cooperate with other teams to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop services.

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