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Recruitment Service
Recruitment Service

We have more than twenty years of professional recruiting experiences, with a strong talent pool, a professional team, diverse recruitment channels,along with standard business processes. We are committed to the further development and scientific allocation of human resources. Whether you are an employer searching for top talent or a candidate looking for your jobs, we have the solution for you. DHR are designated by Shanghai Municipal Government as an organizer of the "Expo Volunteer Career Development Service Program" to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by offering employers young volunteers, as well as provides volunteers with career development guidance.

Available Services

Talent Recruitment Recruitment for general talents, professionals employees.

Short-term Flexible Employment Providing flexible employment in order to meet up with employers’ temporary and short-term needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Providing recruitment process outsourcing services and one-stop recruitment services to all types of employers.

Headhunting Specialized in finding high-level managing and technical talents, we provide customers with management and technical professionals with an annual salary of over RMB300,000, covering finance, real estate, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, media, exhibition, trade, logistics, manufacturing, consumer goods, hotels, automobiles, etc.

Campus Recruitment Using multiple channels to provide the enterprise the campus recruitment services in order to spare them the heavy investment in manpower and material resources.

Service Characteristics
  • A large talent pool with Comprehensive curriculum vitae and talent searching channels.
  • A professional team of recruitment consultants with many years of successful recruiting experience.
  • An effective connection to powerful outsourcing services to free employers’ worries about staff.
  • A strong partnership with schools and employers across the country.
  • SNS network that enables the combination of on-line and off-line recruitment models.
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